Physics 3726
Cosmology and General Relativity

Contact Information
instructor: E. Swanson
office: 411 Allen Hall
phone: 624-9057
course web site:
office hours: drop by any time
lectures: 11:00-12:15, Tuesday, 419 Allen Hall
11:00-12:15, Thursday, 319 Allen Hall

Required Text: Cosmology, Steven Weinberg (2008, Oxford University Press)

Suggested Texts

Mathematica Tensor Package


Download and save diffgeo.m to your Mathematica Applications folder. Save diffgeoManual.nb somewhere convenient, double-clicking it will call up a mathematica tutorial notebook. If the links fail look here for the files.

The classic papers of GR have been made publicly available (for a short time) by the Physical Review.


marking scheme: 70% + 30% take home exam