TERM Fall 2000

Course Description

The course text is Fundamentals of Physics, 5th edition, vol. 1 (Wiley, 1997), by Halliday, Resnick and Walker.

The lecture material will follow the text fairly closely and most of the assignments will be drawn from the text. Hence, it is a good idea for you to purchase the text or have regular access to it. There will be a copy (or copies) on reserve in the Physics Library in OEH. In this course we will cover most of Chapters 1-15. It is highly recommended that students read the relevant material ahead of time. Your success in this course will depend heavily on your having done the relevant reading before coming to class. Occasionally there may be material covered in lecture which is not in the textbook; students will be responsible for such material. Students are expected to have some knowledge of calculus.

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Homework is an integral part of learning the material of this course. Assignments will be given every Monday and should be turned in to your recitation instructor the following week. They will mark selected problems and return the assignments the following week. Recitation instructors will set their own policies for late assignments and marking schemes. Questions about assignments should be directed to your instructor. Reviews of relevant material will be conducted before all midterms and the exam. Solutions to the assignments will be posted outside of my office on a weekly basis. NB: when solving problems you must demonstrate to your marker that you understand what you are doing! This means writing words, not just giving a few equations and a numerical answer.

CRN day and time place instructor
39196 W 1:00-1:50 318 Allen Dhar
15531 W 2:00-2:50 103 Allen Hurka
15536 H 11:00-11:50 103 Allen Dhar
15540 H 1:00-1:50 103 Allen Dhar
15545 F 10:00-10:50 103 Allen Hurka
39200 F 1:00-1:50 103 Allen Dhar
39211 H 1:00-2:50 81E Benedum Perkins
39216 W 10:00-10:50 103 Allen Perkins
Teaching Assistants:

Special Dates

Course Schedule

week date lectures chapter
1 Aug 28 1,2,3 I, II
2 Sept 4 4,5 III,IV
3 Sept 11 6,7,8 IV
4 Sept 18 9,10,11 V
5 Sept 25 12,13,14 V,VI
6 Oct 2 15,16,17 VII
7 Oct 9 18,19,20 VII,VIII
8 Oct 16 21,22,23 VIII,IX
9 Oct 23 24,25,26 X,XI
10 Oct 30 27,28,29 XI,XII
11 Nov 6 30,31,32 XII
12 Nov 13 33,34,35 XIII
13 Nov 20 36 XIV
14 Nov 27 37,38,39 XIV,XV
15 Dec 4 40,41,42 XV


See Recitations for assignment policy.

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Study Resources

There are a number of study resources available outside the classroom and recitation:

Marking Scheme

The course grade will be assigned according to the following formula:

grade = 0.1 assignments + 0.4 exam + 0.25 midterm1 +  0.25 midterm2

There are no make-up tests! Your best two midterms will be used and the lowest score will be dropped.

Prerequisites: Mathematics

Mathematics is the language of physics. This course does require some skills in algebra, trigonometry and simple geometry and calculus.  Since students do not have uniform backgrounds, and some might be out of practice, there will be some math reviewed in the lectures and recitation. In addition, Appendix E and  the front cover of the text will help you brush up on some techniques and definitions.