Tony the Tiger

Why a Tony the Tiger page? Well, not only is he a colorful and friendly chap, he is also a true American icon who presents a fascinating sociological glimpse of the world. So fascinating that I was thinking of doing my thesis on the socioeconomic attitudes manifested in Frosted Flakes boxes (but I decided to do it on theoretical particle physics instead). If you think that this is stretching things a bit check some of the links below - you'll be surprised and amused.

Unfortunately my real life has taken over recently so work on this page has slowed to a crawl. Hopefully, this foray into reality will be a passing fad.

Not only is Tony interesting, he is powerful as well. My best guess is that Frosted Flakes is eaten in 156 countries around the world by gazillions of people.

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See what's going on with all of those Vitamins

The significance of Milk, Strawberries, and Sugar

The Best and Worst from around the world.

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