Surprisingly, people actually visit this site and some are even moved to write me about it. I have received several hundred emails over the past few years about our hero. The most memorable one came from a young lady who had a heart and lung transplant a few years ago. It turns out she and her doctor shared an interest in Frosted Flakes and Tony the Tiger and that this helped her through her ordeal. Cool. Anyway, I've decided (as of 14.2.00) to archive some of the letters that come in. My policy is to remove all names, however, if you find your letter here and wish it weren't, drop me a line and I'll remove it.

Letters to Tony

I really enjoyed your site. I had to write a paper on an advertising icon, and by using only your site and I was able to come up with a pretty decent paper. Tony rocks and thanks for providing the site.

I am a librarian in Rockport, Massachusetts. We have a brain-injured adult patron who wants to send a letter to Tony. This young man is not capable of using a computer and email. I am planning to tell him he can write to: Tony the Tiger, c/o Kellogs Inc., One Kellogg Square, P.O. 3599, Battle Creek MI 49016. Is that okay or is there a better address for him to use?

I don't know if anyone sent you this information before but the Hebrew box does mention sugar. It says "Frosties" in big letters and under it it says "flakes of corn with sugar."


I'm doing a paper on rhetoric of breakfast cereals at Northeastern University. Your page is very interesting. I may want to cite it in my paper. Who are you? And what do you call your page? thanks!

hi there! i'm so glad you created that tony the tiger page! i love the character and his commercials. ihave a question though, the one link to 'tony's commercials' isn't working, and i know your webpage said that you're busy and it'll be awhile, but i'm wondering if perhaps you have videos or captures from his commercials on your site already, 'cause i'd love to have a look at them. i just can't seem to wait ;) are they already up there, or do you know of any sites that have tony's commericials to watch or see pics from?

thanks so much!

I just though that making Greeting Cards for the Frosted Flakes website would be really ungie and intresting, sending people greeting cards of Tony and the Frosted Flakes boxes from around the world!!

Interesting page. I was in a Frosted Flakes commercial when I was a kid. Remember the one with the two guys in the blue van who put the "bug" in the flower arrangement in the middle of the breakfast table trying to learn the "Secret Formula for Kelloggs Sugar Frosted Flakes? Well, the blonde girl in that commercial was me.

Thurl Ravenscroft, of course, was there -- and Fred Quimby (Tom & Jerry) was the lead artist at the time.

Recently I was inspired by the latest t.v. plug for Tony, so much so that I wished to use the quotation as my email signature. Unsure of the exact wording I began to reseach when Lo and Behold! I fell upon your tribute to Tony! Needless to say I was Stunned and Amazed at the synchronicity, and for our shared appreciation for the allegorical beauty!

Please take a glance at my signature, do you think I've gotten the quote just right?

If not, your assistance would be most appreciated! Keep up the good work!

"Thinking and Creating is not just Good, it's G-R-R-R-REAT!!"
-Tony, the Tiger

In regards to the voice of Tony the Tiger......before Thurl, there was Dallas McKennon. He was the first voice personification of Tony. It became difficult to continue that low quality of voice that Tony is famous for, so he had to give up the job. Thurl is definately well-suited for this voice. Dallas also did the original Snap, Crackle and Pop voices, too. He went on to do many other cartoon voices for Gumby, Archie, Walter Lanz characters, and Disney voices, etc. He can be reached at

Just wanted to let you know that we reviewed your site on Radio One's Daily Report today. Radio One is an Internet Radio Network located at You've got a great site, stop by and hear the review.

I noticed a change in Tony when the original tiger suit started to get shabby. A new one arrived from Japan and Tony began to look more like he does today.

Did you know that his statue is (or was) at the Battle Creek, MI plant and that visitors and kids take his picture with him?

I worked there for forty years and saw a lot of him.