Tony the Tiger Grows Up

Tony was introduced to the world by Kellogg's in 1952 as the spokestiger for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes (see Origins for more details). He certainly has changed over the years as you can see below.

A rather urbane and dapper Tony. His long curling whiskers speak of a quiet sophistication. Looks a lot like David Niven if you ask me.

Tony's scarf looks a little less "Wild West" now. Definitely an improvement. Also his tongue looks more natural (what were they thinking in 1952?).

Tony certainly is a wide-eyed and bushy-tailed tiger in the 70's! What an eager young chap.I'd say that he doesn't know that several recessions, AIDS, and Star Wars are on the way.

Well, Tony has grown up. He looks much older -- a kinder and gentler Tony. One who exudes warmth and understanding. Notice the wrinkles on Tony's chin -- perhaps Kellogg's admires Ronald Regan?

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