.Sunday, Oct 24
0900-1030Mesons I
1030-1100 break
1100-1230 Pentaquarks
1230-1330 lunch
1330-1500parallel A
1500-1530 break
1530-1730parallel B
.Monday, Oct 25
0830-1030Mesons II
1030-1100 break
1100-1230 Future Programs
1230-1330 lunch
1330-1500parallel C
1500-1530 break
1530-1730parallel D
1800-1930Wine and Cheese Reception
.Tuesday, Oct 26
1030-1100 break
1230-1330 lunch
1330-1430Round Table Discussion
1430-1530 Outlook
1530-1535 Close Out

Plenary Sessions
One West, Wilson Lab

Welcome0845-0850FNAL Welcome
Topical Group Welcome0850-0855GHP Chair, E. Swanson
Conference Welcome0855-0900Conference Chair, T. Barnes
Mesons ISundaychair: A.A. Petrov
New Results from BaBar 0900-0930G. Sciolla [MIT]
New Results from Belle 0930-1000S. Olsen [Hawaii]
Theory Overview1000-1030C. Quigg [FNAL]
PentaquarksSundaychair: K. Maltman
Experiment I1100-1130K. Hicks [OU]
Experiment II1130-1200A. Dzierba [IU]
Pentaquark Theory1200-1230A. Manohar [UCSD]
Mesons IIMondaychair: T. Barnes
New Results from CLEOc and BES0830-0900K. Seth [NWU]
New Results from CDF and D0 0900-0930D. Lincoln [FNAL]
New Results from FOCUS and SELEX0930-1000P. Cooper [FNAL]
Status of Exotic Mesons at E8521000-1030G. Adams [RPI]
Future FacilitiesMondaychair: C. Roberts
FNAL/PD1100-1120J. Appel [FNAL]
FNAL/MIPP1120-1140R. Raja [FNAL]
GSI and PANDA1140-1200 D. Bettoni [Ferrara]
GlueX1200-1220A. Szczepaniak [IU]
QWG Report1220-1230S. Godfrey [Carleton]
RHICTuesdaychair: E. Shuryak
Experimental Overview0900-0930G. Young [ORNL]
Theory Overview0930-1000M. Gyulassy [Columbia]
RHIC-Spin1000-1030M. Perdekamp [UIUC]
BaryonsTuesdaychair: W. Melnitchouk
Status of Baryon Spectroscopy1100-1130M. Manley [KSU]
GPDs1130-1200L. Elouadrhiri [JLAB]
Recent Lattice Results1200-1230D. Richards [JLAB]
Summary and FutureTuesdaychair: E. Swanson
Round Table Discussion1330-1430S. Coon [DOE], B. Keister [NSF]
T. Thomas [JLAB]
Outlook1430-1530Tony Thomas [JLAB]
Close Out1530-1535Ted Barnes [UTK/ORNL]

Parallel Sessions

Sunday, Oct 24 chair: K. Peters One West
A1 speaker titleabstract | talk | proc
1330-1352S. Godfrey [Carleton]Deconstructing the Charm and Charm-Strange MesonsA | T | P
1352-1414 D-S Hwang [Sejong]Mass of D*_sJ(2317) and Coupled Channel EffectA | T | P
1414-1436E. Eichten [FNAL]On the narrow resonance in D_s pi^0A | T | P
1436-1458I. Gorelov [UNM]Properties of Excited D MesonsA | T | P

Sunday, Oct 24 chair: A. Manohar Comitium
A2 speaker titleabstract | talk | proc
1330-1352I. Strakovsky [GWU]Present status of the nonstrange and other flavor partners of the exotic Theta+ baryonA | T | P
1352-1414D. Litvintsev [FNAL] Search for Pentaquarks at CDFA | T | P
1414-1436Y. Qiang [MIT] Search for Pentaquark partners in Jefferson Lab Hall AA | T | P
1436-1458 G. Fleming [Yale] Pentaquarks on the LatticeA | T | P

Sunday, Oct 24 chair: D. Richards Snakepit
A3 speaker titleabstract | talk | proc
1330-1352R. Edwards [JLAB] Hadronic Transition Form FactorsA | T | P
1352-1414U. Heller [APS] Light hadrons in 2+1 flavor lattice QCDA | T | P
1414-1436C. Smith [UVA] Status of Baryon Resonance ElectroproductionA | T | P
1414-1458M. Sadler [Abilene]Pion-Nucleon Partial Wave Analysis in the N*(1440) Resonance RegionA | T | P

Sunday, Oct 24 chair: S. Godfrey One West
B1 speaker titleabstract | talk | proc
1530-1600G. Gomez-Ceballos [MIT]Properties of the X(3872)A | T | P
1600-1630Pete Zweber [NWU] Search for X(3872)A | T | P
1630-1700 Eric Swanson [Pittsburgh] Properties of DD* and D*D* MoleculesA | T | P
1700-1730Alexey Petrov [WSU] X(3872) as a hybrid charmonium stateA | T | P

Sunday, Oct 24 chair: J. Appel Comitium
B2 speaker titleabstract | talk | proc
1530-1554V. Pavlunin [Purdue]Search for the B_s meson in Upsilon(5S) decayA | T | P
1554-1618A. Gray [OSU] Bottomonium in 3-Flavor Lattice QCDA | T | P
1618-1642A. Kronfeld [FNAL] The Mass of the B_c MesonA | T | P
1642-1708S. D' Auria [Glasgow]Measurements of B Hadron Properties at CDFA | T | P
1708-1732I. Danko [RPI] Measurement of the muonic branching fraction of the narrow Upsilon resonancesA | T | P

Sunday, Oct 24 chair: P. Maris Snakepit
B3 speaker titleabstract | talk | proc
1530-1554D.C. Peaslee [Maryland] Phi meson radial trajectoriesA | T | P
1554-1618 Joachim Kuhn [CMU] TALK CANCELLED.
1618-1642M. Bishai [FNAL]Heavy Flavor Production at CDFA | T |
1642-1708Hanna Mahlke-Krueger [CLEO]Exclusive hadronic decays of the psi(2S) at CLEO A | T | P
1708-1730T. Ziegler [Princeton]Double Charmonium Production and an X(3940)A | T | P

Monday, Oct 25 chair: K. Seth One West
C1 speaker titleabstract | talk | proc
1330-1352L. Guo [JLab]The complete analysis of reaction gamma p -> pi^+ K^-K^+ n at JLab A | T | P
1352-1414Batbold Sanghi [Purdue]Measurement of the D barD Production Cross Section at the psi(3770)A | T | P
1414-1436V. Pavlunin [Purdue]Exclusive semileptonic decays of D mesons produced in the reaction psi(3770)->D barDA | T | P
1436-1458A. Drutskoy [Cincinnati]Properties of the DsJ StatesA | T | P

Monday, Oct 25 chair: S. Capstick Comitium
C2 speaker titleabstract | talk | proc
1330-1400K. Maltman [York] Light and Heavy Pentaquark Exotics from the Quark Model PerspectiveA | T | P
1400-1430 J. Dudek [Oxford] What do models say about the $\Theta$ mass? A | T | P
1430-1500E. Shuryak [SUNY] Schematic models for pentaquarks based on diquarksA | T | P

Monday, Oct 25 chair: D. Kharzeev One East
C3 speaker titleabstract | talk | proc
1330-1400J. Dunlop [BNL] High momentum particle properties in Heavy Ion CollisionsA | T | P
1400-1430 A. Majumder [LBL] Jet Quenching A | T | P
1430-1500 S. Voloshin [WSU] Constituent quark scaling and collective flow in RHICA | T | P

Monday, Oct 25 chair: Snakepit
C4 speaker titleabstract | talk | proc
1330-1352J. Marie [UConn]A Partial Wave Analysis of Antiproton-Proton Annhilation Above Threshold
for phi-phi Meson Production in the JETSET Experiment
A | T | P
1352-1414Z. Zheng [IHEP] Recent BES results on scalar mesonA | T | P
1414-1436H. Crater [UTSI ] Meson-Meson Scattering in the Relativistic Quark Model from Constraint DynamicsA | T | P
1436-1458I. Danko [RPI]D->mu nuA | T | P

Monday, Oct 25 chair: M. Gyulassy One West
D1 speaker titleabstract | talk | proc
1530-1600 D. Kharzeev [BNL] Color Glass Condensate at RHICA | T | P
1600-1630P. Steinberg [BNL] Scaling Properties in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions A | T | P
1630-1700H. Caines [Yale] Bulk matter properties in RHIC collisionsA | T | P
1700-1730R. Fries [Minn] Hadron production at RHIC: Recombination of QuarksA | T | P

Monday, Oct 25 chair: A. Kronfeld Comitium
D2 speaker titleabstract | talk | proc
1530-1554J. Simone [FNAL] Charmonium in 3-Flavor Lattice QCDA | T | P
1554-1618A. Tomaradze [NWU] SEARCH FOR hc(1P1) STATE OF CHARMONIUM AT CLEOA | T | P
1618-1642S. Godfrey [Carleton] Production of single P-wave ccbar and bbbar statesA | T | P
1642-1706T. Barnes [UTK/ORNL]Higher CharmoniumA | T | P
1706-1730Guangshun Huang [Purdue]Tests of the 14% Rule in psi(2S) DecayA | T | P

Monday, Oct 25 chair: A. Szczepaniak Snakepit
D3 speaker titleabstract | talk | proc
1530-1554A. Krassnigg [ANL]Dyson-Schwinger-equation study of pseudoscalar meson radial excitationsA | T | P
1554-1618Pieter Maris [Pittsburgh]Meson form factors in the Dyson-Schwinger approachA | T | P
1618-1642O. Lakhina [Pittsburgh]Radiative meson transitionsA | T | P
1642-1706Sandra Malvezzi [Milan]D Dalitz AnalysesA | T | P
1706-1730Mikhail Dubrovin [WSU]Dalitz Analyses at CLEO-cA | T | P

Monday, Oct 25 chair: S. Spanier One West
D4 speaker titleabstract | talk | proc
1530-1600G. Dodge [ODU] Spin Structure Functions: A Window into the Structure of HadronsA | T | P
1600-1630W. Melnitchouk [JLab] Quark-Hadron DualityA | T | P
1630-1700D. Renner [MIT] GPDs on the Lattice A | T | P
1700-1730S. Strauch [GWU] Helicity-Asymmetries in Double-Charged-Pion Photoproduction on the Proton A | T | P